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"Before God we are all equally wise, and equally foolish"
Albert Einstein

About Dan
Dan has been working with computers since 1978 and has been heavily involved in internet development and marketing for the last 14 years. Currently he owns and develops several WEB sites; StrategyPage, a military news site, which was highlighted in FORBES Best of the WEB; The Hundred Years War an online role-playing game of Medieval Europe, the game has been online since 1992; MyMangosteen.com which is one of the most successful replicated website for the MLM industry.

Dan co-founded Erudite Software a Utah based software consulting firm that specialized in client/server development. In 1995, Erudite was recognized as the fastest growing company in Utah for the previous 5-year period. In May of 1996, Erudite merged with GSE Systems and Dan became the Chief Technology Officer for all of GSE Systems. In May of 1998, GSE Erudite was purchased by Keane, Inc. Dan left Keane to become the CTO of MyFamily.com where he helped launch the fasted growing community site to that time.

Prior to the creation of Erudite, he was a Professor of Computer and Information Science at UVSC. He, also, taught adjunct for BYU and Weber State.

In 1997 Dan completed the book The Way of the Warrior: Business Tactics & Techniques From History's Twelve Greatest Generals , co-authored with James Dunnigan and published by St. Martins Press.

Dan has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.

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