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WithInMySite - I stumlbed on to these guys in the Spring of 2003. They were the first hosting service that I had found that understood internet marketing. They have great tools the let someone without any experience at all build a website. Their shopping cart is probably one of the best designed shopping carts out there. And they continue to improve their features every month.


Sites That Help You Do Online Research

Overture's search term suggestion tool - helps you find out if the keywords that you are targeting are popular or not.

Alexa Toolbar - use this tool to find competing sites and what their traffic patterns are according to Alexa.

Google Toolbar - great tool to find out interesting facts about other sites like page ranking and who is linking to that site. Also, makes it much easier to use google anytime your browser is open.

Google Groups - an easy way to access Usenet discussion forums with out having to subscribe to a service.

Market Leap - has tools that help you see how many sites are linking to you or your competition. Also, they let you see how many pages you or your competion have indexed in the search engines.

HitWise - If your serious about market research you should check these guys out.


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WEB Development Helps

LogoWorks - get logo's developed for your website/business for low rates. The easiest and cheapest way I know to get a logo developed.

Elance.com Projects that need your expertise. - a great place to find WEB developers that do work on a project by project basis.

Pay-Click-Search Engines

Bruce Clay's Search Engine Relationship Chart

Google Ad Words